Great experience, highly recommended.

Hello to all, my name is Mike, from Orlando, FL. I have to say that I've always been skeptical purchasing a car from a privately own dealerships. (not a major dealer). I've heard horror stories, I'm sure you heard the same. My stepson and I were shopping for a car and came across D&S Auto Sales. We looked around and curious of its prices. We were impress with the variety of cars in stock. Very clean and organized. The prices were fairly good. We ended up talking with BJ. This guy is the most patient man I've ever meet. He answered a lot of questions. Believe me I had lots of questions. Test drove a few cars and ended up focusing on one car. Meet with Sal, nicest guy, very polite, professional, and down to earth. We agreed on a price and ended up walking out, I should say driving out with a car. My stepson was very happy. Process was quick, in and out. Great experience, am very pleased and the price was right. Your not going to meet two straight forward, honest guys who are willing to make sure you are pleased when you leave his dealership. I got the impression that Sal was more concern that we were happy than to sell me a car. Guys I hope you don't think I'm sucking up to D&S, I'm just telling you what I saw and felt from one consumer to another. Sal tells me he's been in business for many years, and I see why. This is the place to go to buy a car.

Mike from Orlando, FL. | March 22, 2014

fantastic experiEnce

I really had a great experience when I purchased my car,sal is a very humble man that cares about his customers,and that's important to me

Kuzuri Atlanta GA. from atlanta ga | September 27, 2014

This is a great car lot

Hello to all, I am excited to write this review. My husband and I are from West Palm Beach, Florida. I was looking for a used decent car and we happened to drive on this lot. Every car that I wanted to drive was a great car. It was hard for me to choose. The customer service was excellent and the buying process was even better. I am a U.S. Veteran and they treated us well. The owner was excited to help us and his assistant was great also. He also knew his lot and how many miles were on each car we seen. I really have to say that I was about to give up car shopping until I came on this lot. I have to say that this lot was the best lot that my husband and I stumbled on in months. The car that I brought is in good shape. My husband and I just drove it down to the Keys, no problems. If I wanted another car, I will definitely but from them. Thank you all for what you do at D & S Auto. We love supporting business such as this one. For the military soldiers that is stationed there this is a great car lot to choose from, I will encourage you all to STAY AWAY from AURORA Road.

Mrs. Jones from West Palm Beach | September 13, 2014

Great Experience Purchasing a Used Auto

My wife and I have been looking for a dependable low mileage used car for several months. We found a car we were interested in on, located at D&S Auto Sales. We called and asked if the car was still available, and could we see it. We drove over to the lot and were met with a warm welcome, no high pressure or sales pitches. Everyone working there was courteous and easy to talk to. We asked a number of questions and received clear and concise answers to each of our questions. We received a very fair price for our vehicle in trade, and a fair price on the car we wanted to purchase from them. BJ completed all of the necessary paper work in a very short time. We are extremely satisfied with the car we purchased and the professional treatment we received. The next time we are in the market for a vehicle, we are going directly to D&S Auto.

Joe & Janet from Brevard, Florida | July 30, 2014